JP-8000 / CS1x Questions / Ideas

Hello, New user here.

Have a few projects going on currently and just looking to source some ideas on several subjects:

  1. Undergoing a LCD (OLED) display upgrade on the Roland JP-8080 and it’s taking some time. Currently I am sourcing a red/maroon colored ‘REC’ button that I’ve somehow misplaced during this upgrade . It appears as though it is on the site but in black (Part #4815), unsure about the availability for the part though checked ebay and reverb to no avail.

  2. Also on the JP-8080, the adhesive (Loctite Plastics Bonder with Activator, did some research on the best glues prior to starting the project) I used to apply the display window to the OLED display seems to have fogged up although I was careful to apply a minimal amount only to the edges. Any idea how to go about sorting this? Prefer not furthering any damage. The original LED display is still working fine. (Although I’d much rather use the OLED even with some minor imperfections.)

I’ve replaced the Touchview on a Korg M3 successfully so I figured this would be a walk in the park, although i’ve had to shave down the posts where the display sits on for it to align flush with the front face window (Perhaps a few mm too much as with the plexiglass window it now pops out slightly).

  1. A CS1x is currently disassembled and awaiting a new case! Any suggestions where to find something similar to the Dr. Phibes box? I’ve been looking around and have yet to find anything that could work for this. I would like to use a quality wood and not compressed, also the face I was thinking plexiglass instead of aluminum or whatever was used on this mod. (Maybe it is painted plastic or plexiglass?) The original keybed is still fully working and I do not require it anymore as with the modweel or pitch wheel, basically everything aside from the buttons, electronics and knobs which one I am still missing. I watched a video where

tl;dr I have a yamaha cs1x that is painted white and I am scrapping the case to stuff it’s guts into a wooden box. Looking for suggestions. Also missing one knob.

We do have the red REC button for the JD-8080 - it is here:

(We didn’t have this part listed for the JD-8080, so I just updated our site for that.)

We cannot get the black CS1X knobs any longer, but we do have the translucent blue ones that are used on the CS2X, and are otherwise identical. You could spray paint one of these black - or you could go for the cool blue look!


Would you be able to give me a quote for these projects? incl. the red button and all cs1x knobs… halp

If you mean a quote for doing repair work, we don’t do any outside work like that. Our in-house projects have our techs way too busy already.

If you mean a quote for the parts themselves, you’ll need to do that on our site. Just put the parts you need in the cart, then select your country, and it will give you the shipping options and rates.