Juno 106 Calibration

Hey Everybody,
I recently had the Analog Renaissance GS Voice Chips installed and the Module board calibrated.
I am wanting to know if I calibrate the power supply without the module board connected, when i reconnect the module board, will it mess up the calibration? I know when everything is connected if you change the voltage it can and then you would have to start over the whole process.

Am I able to do that?

Scratch that :point_up_2:
I seem to figure things out after I’m make posts lol :man_facepalming:t2:
I’m good to go! :grimacing::musical_keyboard::100:
I did however make a minor adjustment with the power supply voltage while the module board was disconnected, but after hooking it back up everything is up and running smoothly! :sunglasses::ok_hand: