Juno 106 No power

This 106 has been completely redone by me it also has kiwi 106 upgrade it’s the full monty. It worked very well for over 2 years and recently I can’t power it up. Nothing happens. I changed the fuse but still no dice.

I can replace capacitors etc but I don’t know anything about the power repair. Can anyone help me?

Pop the hood, and first make sure that a wire hasn’t broken loose. We’ve seen wires break at the solder points to the AC socket and elsewhere, from the case being opened repeatedly. If that has happened, simply solder it back and you should be good to go.

If no wires are broken, use a voltmeter to test the voltage at the various points on the power supply board that have voltages marked - you should find plus and minus 15 volts, plus and minus 5 volts, and 9 volts (all DC). If one or more of these is not reading correctly, then you’ll need to repair the power supply.


I get
4.98v on the 5V
15.14v on 15V
-14.99 on TP1
5V on TP2
10.77 on 9V

Still nothing whats next?

If you are getting power supply voltages yet you see no activity on the front panel, then I would make sure nothing has come unplugged from the panel board (or elsewhere). If everything looks good, then check to make sure you are getting voltages to the panel board, CPU board, etc.

if I’m doing this correctly

I found 3 points on panel board and ground in one row all 3
15 and
5 gets correct voltage,

I have a kiwi cpu board not sure how to check power here but there is 2 points next to each other labeled ground and there is one point that says “test” when I check voltage on either it gives me 2V