Juno-106 Slider Kit: very stiff sliders?

I just put in a new slider kit for a Juno-106, and WOW are these sliders incredibly stiff! Is that ununusal, or will they loosen up over time? Most replacement slider kits I’ve installed have been pretty smooth and easy to move, but the 106 kit? Not so much.

Some recommendations for potentiometer grease/lube are suggested here: https://repforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php?topic=24083.15

I was going to suggest deoxit, but that might dissolve some of the factory grease and not really accomplish what you want. It could be that the factory grease hardened from low temperature or just time.

Right, but this was a brand new slider kit from Syntaur. I wouldn’t expect a new set to be like this, or are all the Juno slider kits like this?