Juno 6 calibration issues

Our Juno 6 developed high pitched ringing that I fixed by recapping main power supply and local supply on both panel boards.
Ran through the calibration and all was fine until the VCF frequency,width and envelope section. None of the scope readings make sense. I feel like there is something amiss with the test mode settings.I should add that all functions seem to work and it sounds fine. I have run through the calibration on a juno 106 with no issues and would like to run this test for my own piece of mind.
Anyone that can share their test methods or any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


I just worked on one of these recently. I think I had a similar problem, I would double check the panel and test mode settings but also IIRC the setting for frequency maybe a little off. I believe I tuned the freq and width just like an oscillator alignment, the goal being to have the filter track the kybd (I’m sure you know that) I think I used a tuner not reading frequencies or scope. You may have to bounce back and forth a few times, also I believe the 4 vp-p should be attainable, plus or minus a little.

Thanks for the reply. Your response notification went to junk mail so I’m just seeing this.
I will have time to go at it again on the weekend.