Juno106 Cleaning recommendations

I am considering giving my Juno106 some love and cleaning the sliders.
Does anyone have good recommendations for a good product I can spray in there to clean those contacts? I doubt simple compressed air is going to do the trick, so I’m open to suggestions.
Thanks in advance!

it depends on how bad the sliders are. Just spraying a contact cleaner or deoxit is a temporary fix as all you do is mush the dirt to the sides and as the spray dissolves the muck spreads over the contacts again. The only long term solution is to unsolder the sliders and dissemble them to clean it all out. The carbon contacts may be on the bottom or sides of the slider, the lubricating surface that controls how smooth the slider works is on the top of the slider where you can’t access it unless you disassemble the slider. Replacing the slider is always the easiest choice. Getting a dedicated slider lubricant is usually expensive and hard to source, and manufacturers don’t tell you what they used. most people just use a generic whatever is available silicon lubricant or Lubriplate.cleaning the slider contacts is usually alcohol or deoxit with a q-tip.

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Thanks. I appreciate the detailed response. Lots to consider.

Sam Mims once posted a vid on how to disassemble, clean and reassemble sliders on the Syntaur site. It was very effective, and insured that the slidepots were nicely clean and lubed.