Jupiter 6 drifting pitch

Finally time to address a long standing issue w my J6. The pitch is never stable. I have narrowed it down to the bender board. When I push either of the two OSC buttons and use the bender, it never comes back into pitch and in fact, if I bend down, it takes some time for the pitch to come back up; even though the bender itself is back in the middle position.

It feels like some sort of worn out capacitor that is taking too long to recharge. I’ve ordered some replacement caps for the bender board and will replace the two that are on that board.

Without touching those buttons it’ll stay mostly in tune, however after startup, my preset patches will be out of tune. Then I tune them and save the patch, play the keyboard, switch patches, re-correct more out of tune patches, then go BACK to the first one I corrected and it’s out of tune again.

Any thoughts?