Jupiter 6 slider/knob replacement caps

Hi Guys,

I’m doing a retrofit of my Jupiter 6 and I’m looking for a suitable replacement set for the gray sliders and knobs (which I always felt like didn’t belong design wise). I’ve been looking at the SH series as a potential candidate, would anyone know whether they would fit? I also have a Juno 60, whilst the knob does fit, the slider cap however is extremely loose, so presumably Jupiter 8 sliders would also not work.

Right now I’m looking at the Juno 106 sliders as a black equivilent (which I have already), but would love to source other knob caps in the small and large formats, which the SH series seems to have.

Thank you,

I share your lack of enthusiasm for the gray-with-orange slider caps. Replacing them may call for replacing the rotary knobs also, just to keep the new color scheme intact.

The Juno-106 and JX-3P slider caps are identical to the Jupiter 6 caps, except for the color. I’ve thought that the chrome JX-3P caps would look pretty cool on the JP6, but those are pretty scarce, since a JX-3P has so few sliders. But happily, we should have some brand new repro ones coming our way soon… And you can use the JX-3P rotary knobs also - they will fit right onto the JP6 pots.

Otherwise, to see if a slider cap is compatible, you will want to compare the stem of the slide pot that the cap fits to those used on the JP6. The JP6 slider is here:
Note that it has a metal stem which is tapered at the top. Let’s say you like the look of the SH-201 slider cap - will it fit the JP6? Well, take a look at the SH-201 slide pot:
You can see that it has a plastic stem (well, maybe you can’t tell that from the photo) with a different shape - it does not have the tapered top. So you can tell then that the SH-201 slider cap won’t work on your JP6.

Hope that helps!

Hey Sam,

I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t in love with the grey/orange colour scheme! :slight_smile: I have a couple of Juno 106’s and I temporarily swapped the slider caps, a much more fitting look. My original idea was actually to just buy a few extra 106 slider caps. The rotary knobs are the the more challenging of the two since they come in two sizes. I do have a Juno 60 and it’s rotary knob does fit as a replacement for the larger one but again dealing with the whole orange thing that isn’t reflected in the design like say on a J8.