Jupiter 6 voice issue

I just purchased a nice looking Jupiter 6 for $1000 on Craigslist. I think that’s a good deal even though it has a couple issues. Only on Osc 2 the first voice is silent and the 5th voice is a lot higher in pitch ( maybe 2 octaves ) the other 4 voices sound normal. I have replace problem chips and removed the black coating on Juno 106s before so I have a little experience with Roland. Any suggestions where I should start? Are there common issues with the Jupiter 6 like the Juno 106.
I figure I would ask before I dig in. Also are there any synth repair tech near Massachusetts.
I also have an old octave cat that needs repair.
I got a quote from someone in New Jersey $140 an hour 10 hour minimum. That seems outrageous for a synth that has one bad osc.
Thanks Tom

There is not a common ‘Achilles Heel’ on the Jupiter 6 that compares to the Juno-106 voice chip issue. It sounds like it needs a calibration, which should take care of that way-higher oscillator. Other than that, it will take some circuit tracing to figure out what has silenced the oscillator on voice 1. There are six identical voice sections on two different PCB’s, so at least you have known good ones to compare with the faulty one. Still, it can be challenging to track down that sort of culprit. Good luck!