JX-3P PG-200 Programmer connection issue

I’ve been having an issue with the connection of my pg-200 and jx-3p. When I press manual on my pg-200, it sometimes doesn’t let me program and no sound comes out of my blank presets. It also starts to glitch out sometimes and goes back the the original presets when I press manual. The weird thing is when I adjust the cable just perfectly, like pushing it and moving in around it can start working again,but I have to get it just right and it messes up again after a while if it moves just a little bit. I have bought a new proper cable and that didn’t work. I’ve been struggling with this for a while and its pretty annoying. Any help will do thank you.

I also have videos of it glitching out or the manual button not working. I can send it through email or anyway you like if you want. I would appreciate any help.

The usual issue is when I press manual on the pg-200 it goes back to the origianl presets.

Well it’s either the cable or the connections on the DIN boards on the synth or the PG200. If it’s not the cable then the sockets joints need reflowing. Pretty common problem issue with the MIDI ports for example.