Kawai K3 Transpose?

I’ve got and Old Kawai K3, you know the so called hybrid one that’s digital with an anlog filter. I recently purchased it a few months ago and it’s in sorta rough shape i.e. 15% of the push button membrane covers are gone, the pitch wheel is broken and the internal patches we’re gone.
The membrane button cover is a huge sticker…I’d have to replace the whole sheet (still not sure where I can locate that?)
Fortunately I found out the factory sounds are stored internally and can be recalled by holding the lowest key while powering up, and it worked. Not sure if that works after the battery has died(?).
The pitch wheel issue is a bit strange; on the synth it does not work (when turned no pitching up or down) but when controled via midi it will only pitch up?.(wouldn’t midi bypass the unit (potentiometer)?? I plan on making the repair and order parts from Syntaur, but I wonder if replacing the unit will fix it?
Now to my transpose issue. For some reason the synth is transposed one step up. I have not found or read anywhere in the interweb how to or if there is a transpose control setting for this synth.
Any help in any or all of these three issues would be appreciated.
Thank you

I checked with Kawai to see if they by chance still had the panel overlay. Unfortunately, they do not. So I’m not sure where you can come up with that…

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Thanks Sam, yes I read where at one time the overlay was available but sparsely, then I read it was no longer to be found.