Kawai K5 patch saving issues

Hi everybody,

I recently bought a Kawai K5 synth (circa 1987) that has the following issue: when saving a single patch on some slots, the saving process fails and the screen displays a “Verify Error” message.

This only happens on certain slots, for instance, on bank A, I can save patches on all positions, except 5, 6 and 7. On bank B, the faulty ones are 1, 2 and 3. MIDI dumps on these position do not work either.

Memory Protect is off. I have replaced the lithium battery and soldered it properly, which did not solve the problem. I have ordered a new EPROM with the internal software update.

Any idea what would cause this issue?

Big thanks for your help!

Old thread, but this showed up in the suggested topics, so why not…
I don’t have any particular knowledge on that synth but it very much sounds like you either have defective RAM chips, or some traces on the PCB leading to the RAM chips are damaged.