Kawai K5000 power supply

I’d like to know how easily you can modify the power supply on these for the voltages of different countries. In particular, I see that these are more plentiful in Japan, but obviously one would have to either modify them or use a transformer to use one in the US. Now, I know that on some synths like the Casio VZ’s have an actual voltage selector on them which makes adapting them to different countries as easy as turning a screwdriver. I’ve tried looking at the Kawai K5000 service manual and didn’t immediately see anything like that on there but I’d like to know for sure from someone who knows what they’re doing. Is this doable, and if so, how easy is it? Finding one in the US (especially the R variant, which is what I’m hoping for) is quite difficult.

Typically only the European models are equipped to have the voltage selectable. Japanese, North American versions only have a dedicated transformer for those countries. European versions are 220-250 volts 50hz. So its not just a transformer change but power supply parts as well. Contact your local music store to see if they know of a tech who has experience in doing this.

Have you tried contacting Casio directly to see if they have something?

I found an older thread on a different forum where someone claims to have contacted Kawai tech support and they confirmed that it is a jumper of some kind and that the only modifications that need be made are re-soldering a jumper and replacement of the fuse. I am waiting to hear back from Kawai myself just to confirm this and resolve some additional questions. I was just hoping someone here would have actually done this to advise with their own experiences.