Kawai K5000s - internal battery and OS upgrade

Hi all

I’ve just laid my hands on a K5000s that’s in really excellent condition… I plan to do a couple of upgrades (as you do…) and I just have some questions before I open it up.

Firstly, does the K5000s have an internal battery for memory backup etc? … I read the service manual and can’t find any reference to one… If there is one, I doubt it has ever been replaced.

Also, the current OS is 4.00 and I want to upgrade to the latest 4.04… I’ve downloaded the new OS but just want to know that if the upgrade doesn’t work - that is, something happens during the upgrade and the synth doesn’t like the new OS file or the floppy disk etc etc, does it mean that the synth is now effectively brain dead or will the current OS 4.00 still be functional? … tricky question I know but I’ve read that these synths can be a bit temperamental.

many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’ve not had an OS upgrade go “bad” with these. If the 4.04 disk image is good, should be no problem. I assume it didn’t come with any other disks like the originals?

I believe K5000’s use flash (non-volatile) memory for storage/backup and load patch data into ram on startup, so I don’t know that it does have a battery to worry about.