Keyboard/Rack Stereo output problem

Hi I have output issue with my Kurzweil K2500R.

I’m using Mix out and individually, it does sound when I plug. but if I plug stereo it makes sound when I plug half of any of LR inputs. and left channel is too small when I fully plug both sides. does anyone might have an idea with this?
I’ve cleaned the socket but didn’t work. but it does sound stereo when I listen with my headphone

  • I’ve tried both TRS and TS cables and happened same


I understand that this is a language issue but could you try to be more clear as to what you did? What I am getting from this is that when you plug a cable (either balanced or unbalanced) into both output jacks of any pair at the same time, the left channel is attenuated in comparison to the right channel, but if you plug only one cable into either jack the level of that output level seems to be correct. Is that what you are saying? Also, when you talk about headphones, are you plugging them into the headphone jack on the front, and when you do that the levels appear to be the same and correct for both channels?

Hi sorry for my bad enlgish and thanks for the reply.
and yes that’s what I meant.
And I think I got the cause of the problem. so I opened the rack to clean the volume pot. To check if the issue is bad contact. and the volume pot was literally broken.

and I’m not sure if I’m correct but Volume pot is connected to Mix Out so this caused the problem. do you have any idea what kind of potentiometer do I have to use for K2500R?