Korg 700 (Minikorg Univox K1) keys

Hello. I have a working Korg Univox Minikorg I’d like to sell but two of the keys are bad. Both keys work but one is broken in half. A key next to it is risen up about 1/4”. What could be causing the latter key to rise up like this & is this something a neophyte like me could repair?

Also, what would be a fair price for this synth? Thank you for any info.

II had this with a Korg X5D. there must be a litte peace broken at that key… you need to replace the key. The keys are kept in place by a hook in the middle and a spring at the end. The hook in the middel breaks easily, so the spring tears the key upwards.
see for repacementkeys here https://www.syntaur.com/keys.php?key=K49U

Thanks. Seems like I should be able to fix this myself, if the process is similar to this: https://syntaur.com/DIYdocs/DIY0017.html