Korg Kronos 2 stuck joystick and value button

Hi, I have a Korg Kronos 2. with a joystick that gets stuck when I move it to the right side. It also has a value button that gets stuck from time to time. If it is not under warranty I might have to attempt to repair it myself. Is this difficult?

Replacing the bender joystick is easy - there is no soldering required. If it is the vector joystick that is acting up, that does require soldering to install a new one.

For the stuck button, you’ll need to determine of that is a mechanical issue with the plastic button, or a problem with the tact switch that the button presses on. The tact switch will require soldering. I haven’t worked on a Kronos personally, but there is probably a lot of disassembly involved to get to the panel board - you may have to pretty much remove all the guts underneath it.