Korg M3 Repair repair in Maryland?

Hi Everyone,
Newbie here. I have a Korg M3 that needs repair. It seems the module is stuck in a certain mode and it will not play. I can’t get back to the main menu to make any changes. I’m in Annapolis, Md. and was wondering if anyone knows a reputable place/person who could fix it.

Thank you.

Does it boot up and then get stuck in a mode (combi, prog,…), or freszes during startup ?

If during startup, Not having more info, perhaps you can try focussing on the internal sd card. It could be eaither loose or might need the data to be written on it again. Sesrch Stephen Kayes website for how.

If it starts up and plays normally but cant change its mode, can the tactile switches or far less likely, the panel board itself or the connections but usually the an error will come ip if it was the panel board.

Good luck.

Thank you for the response. It boots up ok - defaults to Beyond the Sun combi. I can page through the combi’s, and other functions seem to work but I cannot hear any sound. I’m using the headphone jack as my external speaker cables are still packed away.

The touchscreen is not working. Tried going to global settings but cannot access the tabs or the drop-down :frowning: so I guess like others on this forum, I’ll be needing the display board repaired, correct? (I have the expanded board).

Just replace the touch digtizer if you can. No need to replace the LCD. Its more involving though. You can find videos on YT

Thanks. I found an interesting overview of the process from someone who reviewed the replacement part on Amazon – I will definitely need an experienced tech to do this:

“I have some technical and repair abilities, and I’m somewhat handy with tools. If you cannot make that claim, I would recommend you get a good technician to do the install. You’ll need to delicately remove about a dozen ribbon-clip connectors that will damage easily if you use too much force. If you’re still reading this, be prepared for about 2 hours of work at a careful pace. Hint, look up the youtube video and watch it before you buy this, and watch it again and go step-by-step as you follow along.”