Korg M50 Keys Seizure Problem

The Korg M50, One of the keys has issues on the 3rd octave i moved it to the first octave so as to reduce pressure.

Since then If it’s played heavily Some of the keys will seized.

Please guys, kindly help with what could be the issue here, and possible means of repair.

Thanks for your quick responses.
Best regards.

Is the plastic key broken in any way? It must be the 88-note M50, right? (The 61 and 73-note versions dont’ have individual keys, they are in groups.)

If the key sticks down, and continues to do that after being moved to another octave, then it must be an issue with the key itself - a crack or missing piece.

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Ok thanks for your reply Sam.

It’s a seizure of couple of keys when hard played not key stucked.