Korg Poly 800 MKII - Delay not working & osc. out of tune

Hey there - Hoping someone could possibly guide me in the right direction on the following issue’s I’m experiencing with a Korg Poly 800 MKII.

1st issue: Delay not working.
Sadly as we all know the MKII no longer has the cool Chorus effect like the MKI. However I cannot get the delay effect on this unit to work. I’ve examined the boards inside to look for any obvious issues such as corrosion, broken wiring, but I cannot see anything at all. Anyone out there that might have had similar issues?

2nd issue (more annoying than the first one):
When powering the unit on from a cold start (for lack of better terminology), the unit sounds good and am able to browse through several patches. However, after a minute or 3, any patch I select and hold any note, the pitch goes out of tune.

First suspect were the 2 pots in the bender module. I cleaned these with Deoxit, as well as the tune fader. No difference. I then disconnected the bender module all together (the Poly 800 does not like this at all and goes haywire when you power it on without it). Same happens when I disconnect the tune fader.

Just wondering if anyone might have suggestions as to what I could check for next?

Thanks :grinning: