Korg TR not powering ON

So it turns out my TR is now dead, I can’t power it on, and what happened is that I got a pair of memories, 32 mb, installed them and when tried to power the keyboard nothing happened, already tried other ac adapters and other outlets but no luck. I guess the mainboard got something fried, but can’t really tell everything looks normal on the inside. Any clues or advice of what to do? thanks in advance.

check fuse in power supply and voltage

Yes thank you, that made the trick, I replaced the fuse and is working now, but I’m still puzzled about why this happened, the only thing I did that could have provoke this is that I putted the 2 RAM memories, and somehow, that made the fuse to blow out, I’m guessing that the 2 RAM memories, or at least one of the two memories, requieres more power? don’t know to avoid this from happenning again, bottom line, I’m going to use new RAM memories, but any guess of how can I be sure this is not going to happen again?