KORG Wavestation

I picked up a damaged Wavestation last week and knew it needed a left end cheek. I had found one online so placed an order only to get a reply that their online store had not been updated and they didn’t actually have one in stock. So… I need a left end cheek for a Wavestation. Anyone have any sources I can check out? Online searches have turned up nothing. Thanks!

You need a plastic end cheek. I had the same problem with a damaged plastic end cheek on my Kurzweil midi board. I ended up making new end cheeks out of walnut and it looks a lot better. This may be a possibility to consider.

It’s funny you should mention that. I have been considering a wooden replacement myself and glad to hear someone else has done it successfully. Was it difficult to figure out dimensions, screw holes, etc?

I would join the Wavestation Face Book group. These various synth groups contain an enormous suppository of all sorts of info. For instance, chances are that you will need to change the display on the Wavestation, as those tend to go dim over the years. They may have damaged keyboards that you can salvage an end from, in case the wooden end idea doesn’t pan out.

Good tip - I’ll check it out!

Was that the one on Reverb from a shop in Georgia? I saw one without the end check and looked to see if I could find one from the usual suspects before I bought it. Didn’t find any, so I left it alone.

Yeah, that’s the one. I actually found an end cheek before I bought the Wavestation and tried to buy it after the Wavestation had shipped. I was informed the store hadn’t updated its stock online and they didn’t actually have any. Frustrating!

Overall I think it will turn out to be an ok synth. Like all of them, the backlight has dimmed to almost nothing. There are 12 consecutive keys that basically won’t sound - almost ever. So I think there’s some contact cleaning or replacement to be done there. Three keys are broken so I have replacements for those. A number of buttons need a good cleaning.

The other thing that’s troubling me is that I don’t think I have access to all the sounds. But that’s a problem I’ll tackle after I get inside and replace the battery during all the other repair work.

I’m hopeful it can be made right. I’d really like to buy one of the black LED displays but they cost as much as I paid for the whole keyboard.