Kurzweil k2000v3

I have a k2000v3
unfortunately it keeps blowing a fuse near the power supply was working fine up till that point
any help would be brill

Well, something has failed, and is causing that fuse to blow. You can probably isolate the problem to a specific board by unplugging the display and panel boards, the engine board, and anything else that connects to the audio/power board (except for the transformer which feeds it). Then power up, and see if the fuse still blows. If so, the problem is likely on the audio/power board itself.

If the fuse doesn’t blow, power off, then plug one of the other boards back to the audio/power board, and see if the fuse blows when you power up again. Keep hooking things back up one at a time, and whenever the fuse blows, you’ll know which board is causing it.

At that point, you can either replace the faulty board (if you can find a spare), or start tracking down which component on that board is causing the trouble.

Thanks Sam
im going to give this a go over the weekend
hopefully find the problem