Kuzweil 2600R Output Issues

Hi, First, I’d like to thank you for the great Youtube channel. I found you there and am very grateful for the chance to post here.

So, the issue I’m experiencing with my rack-mount Kurzweil 2600 is that I get no sound whatsoever out of the Headphone jack, the Mix output, or outputs B, C, and D; however, I do get a loud output out of Output A.

Any chance this issue sounds familiar in some way and points to something replaceable in the unit?

As a matter of disclosure, when I moved from New York to Berlin, and thus had to switch voltage worlds from 110 to 220, I originally bought a power converter. It was nearly 10 years ago now, but I can’t 100% remember if I did or didn’t try just plugging it into a 220 outlet. The fuse isn’t blown, but that may not have stopped something from getting fried if I did do something bone-headed. Recently, I did switch the voltage mains to 220, so now I do plug directly into the wall.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. It may be old, but it sounds great and I have the fully tricked out (for 2003) sampler time.

Kind regards,


looking at the circuit - all the outputs Aleft, Aright … Dleft,Dright, MIXleft, MIXright and Phones are enabled/muted with a relay each. are all those 11 relays (yellow highlight in pictures below) actually working ?
only 10 visible for the rear outputs - #11 located elsewhere for the phones output