KX88 inconsistent velocity

I have a Yamaha KX88 that I’ve used for 25+ years. The velocity is starting to be very inconsistent when playing evenly. It’s doing this across the entire keyboard.
Not sure where to begin troubleshooting. I imagine it’s time for a replacement power supply. Any other ideas or has anyone ever experienced this? I’ve completely cleaned and relubed every key which was a chore, so it plays well and I’d like to key using it if possible. Thx

Yes. I suspect there may be an issue with the key contacts against the contacts circuit board(s). 2 possible causes come to mind. the contacts circuit boards are typically held firmly in place by multiple screws along their length. If any are loose, they can allow the board at that position to back away from the contract points below the keys. I’d open case and check that all screws securing the circuit boards to the chassis are uniformly tight, but not over-tightened. Next, with aging, their can develop deterioration at any single contact point, perhaps with the rubber pads between the physical key bottoms and the contact traces beneath that on the circuit board. Those bits are generally easy to replace once accessible. If not deteriorated, the contact surfaces may be dirty or covered with dust, smoke film, possible oxidation, etc. Those might need to be wiped clean with something like alcohol swabs, or whatever Syntaur recommends & uses for pressure contacts cleaning. Good luck.

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