Low battery warning on Ensoniq SD-1

Has anyone here gotten a low-battery warning from an Ensoniq SD-1 on startup? I see I can buy a replacement battery here on Syntaur, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard it is to do the job. I’ve done a fair amount of soldering in the past, so I’m not particularly concerned, but I thought it prudent to ask if anyone had tips on disassembly, reassembly, etc.

Hello? Anyone? Maybe someone could recommend a battery holder for the battery, which I believe is this one if I’m not mistaken?

It’s rather straight forward. You will have to remove the board from the SD-1 in order to unsolder the old battery, reinstall, and reinitialize. Be certain to back up your old patches because they will be lost. Since you won’t need the old battery, sometimes it’s easiest to just cut the tabs off and deal with them individually.

Disassembly is light. You will need to remove the keybed in order to access the main control card.

Sometimes it helps to take pictures of the board before removal. This helps reconnecting all cables to their right places when you are putting it back together. Handle that board with extreme care! It can be very difficult to replace, so observe all static precautions.

I didn’t bother with a battery holder. The replacement battery should last many years judging by how long the old one lasted, and I’m concerned that the battery might lose contact intermittently while moving the keyboard.

Thank you for your advice. I held off on doing the repair and am glad I did. I’m sure that will come in handy. Cheers!