Microkorg Pot Issue

My third potentiometer knob isn’t accessing the full sweep of settings. If I turn it to zero it’ll take the setting to 20-24, and 127 only goes to 118-120. By extension, if any parameter starts lower than 20, I can’t change it because I can’t reach it. I opened her up and cleaned off a fair bit of blue oxidation, mostly off the 00BC0W voltage control semiconductor just above the offending pot. No dice, but it did fix an issue where parameters would change randomly, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

The next step I can think of would be to buy and replace the pot, but that would require soldering to a circuit board and that intimidates me. Do I have a less-intensive option I should try before I go that direction?

nope… its a solder job and just like anything else practice make perfect, there are different ways and technics of soldering and de soldering.