Micromoog IC help needed

I hope someone can help.

My Micromoog stopped making sound and the repair shop have diagnosed the issue to be a broken IC

“The part we need is a 10 pin resistor network IC. The Moog part number is 949-040845-001 and the package itself is labelled CTS7547”

I’ve searched Syntaur and couldn’t find the chip. Are there alternative chips that are compatible? Any help/advice would be really appreciated as I’m a bit of a novice with electronics.

Thanks in advance

That is not a part that we sell, but I can check with our tech and see if perhaps we have one somewhere - I’m not hopeful, but it’s worth a try. Is the part you need a SIP (all the pins in one line) or a DIP (two rows of pins, like a normal IC)? I know Moog used some light blue DIPs that look just like ICs, except for the color - but those are more than 10 pins. Or did your tech mean it has 10 pins per side (i.e. 20 pins)?

Even if you can’t find a replacement, the good news is that, because it is just a bunch of resistors, you can likely create a replacement for it from - you guessed it - a bunch of resistors on a breadboard. It might be messy looking, but a resistor network is a bunch of the same value resistors, all with a common connection. You’ll need to determine how they are wired in order to recreate it, but it is definitely a workable solution.