Need more details on Part #3696

I am looking for a replacement volume control for a Yamaha PF70. It is a dual 10K slide potentiometer, marked 551t 10KAX2. It has one set of four pins on one end of the potentiometer and one set of two pins on the other end of the potentiometer. The pins are curled under the potentiometer and the distance between the two sets of pins is 40mm. The slider travel distance is 30mm.

It looks like your part #3696 is close to what I need. However, it is not clear whether the 30mm stated in the description of that part is the width of the potentiometer or the slider travel distance. Which is it? Also, how does this part compare to the rest of my description above?


If you can provide me with the manufacturer’s name and part number I can look up the specs myself.