Nord electro 3 surge ?!

Hi, i recently played on a small island and my nord electro 3 was not plugged into a surge protector and left plugged in all night, there were storms. The next day it powered up for a second then displayed all lights and 9.9 on the readout. I let it rest a day and plugged it in when i got off the island. It turned on fine so i let it rest more then when i got to my gig that night it turned on fine again and i was able to start playing it, but it started crackling then went back to the all lights on.
At home i opened her up and cleaned all the contacts and didnt see any blown areas; worked okay so i let it rest.

2 days later i powered it up, played a few notes find then heard the crackling again. there is a component marked L1 on the board the inputs/outputs are on that is lighting up like crazy. please tell me there is a solution that is repairable. I really hope this island gig didn’t cost me 2K!

Please help!
Western Massachusetts