Nord Stage 2 EX mainboard

I have a Nord Stage 2EX compact that needs a new main board. I have a faulty USB chip on mine that several techs have told me is very difficult, if not impossible to repair and I’d be better off finding a mainboard replacement. I see that Syntaur has a main board for a stage 2EX HP76. Would this be compatible with my stage 2EX compact?

I found a Nord parts list online dated July, 2023 and that same part number 60278 is just listed as stage 2EX without a specific model.

Thank you,

Hey Dave,

Please fill out our parts request form. There’s a good chance it’s the same board but by filling out our form we’ll get the right eyes on it to make sure. And if it’s not the right board for your Nord then we may be able to get the correct one.