Nord Stage Motherboard and Power Pack Replacement

Hello Syntaur, please I urgently need a replacement for Nord stage 3 Motherboard and power pack board?

Please kindly confirm to me its availability as it urgently needed.
Thanks am most grateful.

Doesn’t look like any of that parts is even mentioned -

They’re only about 2.5 years old - you won’t find any parts on syntaur just yet I think.

Why you need both mother board and power pack ?

The Nord stage 3 Keyboard mistakenly plugged on 220V instead of 110v. So therefore it didn’t power again. I troubleshoot it and found out that there’s a shoot out diode (burnt) on the power board. I replaced it with another one and also change the fuse.

I plugged it, then it powers up. I on nd off it for like 3 different times it powers and loaded to menu.

Then I unplugged it to fix back all the screws. After this i power it again but refuses to power on. At this time i don’t know what went wrong again.

I later install another diode on the power board, but this time when I power it on it shows a bit red light on the motherboard each time I power it on.

This time I don’t know what to do again. So I think maybe the motherboard is finally damaged but I don’t know if this is true.

So I need you guys help in what next to do on this Nord Stage 3 Keyboard.

Thanks for your reply