Oberheim Systemizer fried


Did something dumb a while back and plugged the wrong voltage PSU into an OB Systemizer MIDI controller unit, to the point that it started to smoke. Quickly unplugged it, but of course it no longer works. Nothing appears to have melted. Did I damage the cards/electronics in it or would it have been the voltage regulator or both? Any hope of getting it to work again? They are rare now and it’s a great keyboard tool. Thanks!

Start from openning the unit and inspecting the fuse on the PSU.

Fuse should go first because it is there to protect the circuitry. Looks something like this:

Just realized that it has external PSU and usualy that means that fuse is inside that and not the synth itself. Which Oberheim is it?

Also, you plugged it in MIDI ports? How did you manage that? MIDI port is 5 pin DIN so I would assume you did not manage to do that but plug it in Output or Pedal In ports…

Nevertheless, open the unit and nspect if you can see black burning signs anywhere on the internals. If you identify and replace burned components (hoping it’s not chip etc.) you could be golden.

Best of luck

Thks - it’s just a small unit, actually not a synth
I opened it up and didn’t see any burning, but it definitely no longer works


I concur, Even with a remote PS, theres still going to be some kind of circuit protection inside. I doubt anything in the memory or on cards would be lost or destroyed because of that, so if you don’t have a good multi meter, invest in one, and start checking continuity and remember to use the K I S S principle

use a multi-meter to find the dead transistor. the magic smoke always means something is damaged from too much current. There’s a good change the main electrolytic capacitor and some tantalum caps also contributed from age related current draw. You just need to go through each component to find the bad ones and replace them.

If you not able to do that take it to a tech who can. Contact your local music store if you don’t know who that is.

Thanks all, sounds as if there is some hope.
Prior to this problem , I had to have the voltage regulator replaced. I’ll do what’s been suggested above.