POLY61 Joystick Spring issue

So, I’ve got a POLY61 I’ve been working - got it super cheap (80 bones) and have brought it back to life outside of a few suspect contacts. However, the joystick only engages the Y axis (DCO and VCF modulations). The reason being is that theres a little black plastic piece that connect the axis of the joystick to the potentiometer, where the spring lies. SO - the spring in the pot still works as it should, its just the small plastic piece that connects from the joystick to the pot. I’ll try to link some pictures. Does anyone know if this is something I can repair or do I need a new pot/joystick assembly. It seems so small of a piece I’d hate to replace more than just that if I dont need to. Let me know if anyone else has had the same issue, I look forward to hearing feedback.