Prophet 600 Project!

Hey everyone. Just picked up a Prophet 600 off of Facebook Marketplace for dirt dirt cheap. However its gonna take some work to get it up and running.

The unit powers up consistently. Does the “Tune” thing and then the only sound I can get is the same strange tone on every key. Kinda does a space ship slow attack swoop thing and then rings out a discordant bell like sound. I can get the LFO to make some modulation to that sound, and sometimes the resonant filter will affect the sound. Sometimes it makes no sound whatsoever. Other times somewhere in between. I hooked up a keystep to the midi input and achieved the same results so that rules out a major keyboard malfunction in my book.

So, other than tons of disintegrated foam to clean up, the inside looks pretty clean. It has the original Japanese Panasonic battery. I’m hoping to make a project out of this while the my job is closed down.

I’ve never worked on a synth before but have soldered together a stompbox a long time ago and feel comfortable working with it. Just not my specialty so I may have lots of questions.

So, where do I start?

Thank you!