Removing hammer weights on sl880 for plastic glue repair

Hey there! Thanks so much for having a forum like this. I have searched far and wide and although I have found hints, I have not received at actual way to do this.

The plastic parts of my hammers are all cracked, I have removed all keys and I have the entire key mechanism isolated. There is a 152 size rod that goes through all the keys. Is there a trick to removing this rod? I need to ensure that the plastic for the hammers do not crumble.

My thoughts are either leave everything attached and attempt to repair the plastic with plastic glue (difficult) or remove the rod. I believe the rod should NOT be bent because it will change the action. I’m planning on clamping the key assembly to the bench and then using a long .125" punch to get the rods to move through the keys, (Nearly everyone has a crack upon examination.) Any easier way to do this? I know I am in for a long process of gluing every key.

Also are sl990 hammers the same? Looks like a lot of parts are similar.
I’m not in a position to replace them all, but just in case I screw up and wreck any of them.
Thanks so much again for this forum and any help you can give me!
Glad to be here!
DJ McIntosh

Is this a Fatar keyboard?

yes, its a fatar keybed.