Replacing Right Mono Main Out Prophet 08

The description for the listed replacement part is “stereo phone jack”. I’m curious to know if this can be used interchangeably with a mono jack that needs to be replaced. Phone jack, 1/4-inch, 4-pin PCB mount - Syntaur

Sometimes on a keyboard, the outputs will be set up with separate Left and Right jacks - but with one of those jacks supplying a stereo signal if a single TRS cable is plugged into it. When this is the case, that jack will need to be a stereo jack, even though it is only used for mono sometimes. You would not want to use a mono jack to replace this.

It could also be that it is simpler in manufacturing to use a single type of jack for everything, and a stereo jack is not really necessary. You could conceivable replace this with a mono jack, assuming the pins are configured correctly. But why not just use the same jack and avoid the hassle…

I was just asking if the stereo jack listed on syntaur’s website was compatible if I was replacing the mono jack as opposed to the stereo headphone output. Thanks for the info

Yes, all of the rear-panel jacks on the Prophet 08 are technically stereo jacks, even though some are only being used for mono application.