Replacing voice chip question Korg Poly 76

Hi I am hoping for some input on replacing one voice chip on my Korg Poly76. I found a place that sells them and they are around $40 each. Will it sound ok just to replace the one bad chip? I really am not sure I want to replace them all for one chip that won’t stay in tune.



Poly76? I’m pretty sure there is no such thing. Poly-61 maybe? Polysix maybe? And what do you mean by voice chip? If you could tell us the number on the chip, that would be helpful too.

Ok ya thanks for replying. It is a Poly 61. I switched two of the cables and boom it is now in tune. It was one of the two pin cables that are all the same color that go on the voice chip board at the top right. I figured they were all the same color so it wouldn’t make any difference.

I am still having problems with no delay sustain release.