Reviving rubber contact strips

Hello. I am trying to get a rubber contact strip for a Roland to work properly. Several keys are “dead” but after wiggling them a bit, or holding down the adjacent keys while pressing them, they work. So it cannot be an issue with the contacts themselves.

I believe there must be some kind of warping that happens to the rubber. I am hoping there is a way to get the rubber to reset itself and start working properly. Perhaps taping all the keys down overnight? Resting the synth upside down? Maybe it’s a lost cause. Any ideas? Thanks.

As a separate issue, in the past I’ve tried using conductive paint and it wouldn’t work. Is there any reliable way to re-coat the rubber tips?

Hi, by previous experience, just keep it simple: Clean the contacts and replace all the rubber strips, once the keys starts failing … which is next?
Order your contacts here, but PLEASE ORDER NEW STRIPS!! I’ve ordered and received “used strips”… They may or may not work.
Ordered 3 one time and 2 strips had poor contacts, new is best.

The conductive pads can go bad and loose conductivity.
If you can’t get a new conductive strip, the next option is a Conductive Pen, from CircuitWorks or MG Chemicals or Bare Conductive electric paint. Just paint the areas that make contact, as its that specific spot which is failing, and the other areas should be fine.

Thanks. It’s really frustrating. I’ll try a pen.