Roland D-10 Some keys only work once

Hello, I have a Roland D-10 that plays all the keys after you power the unit up. But if you press E-F-G-A-B on the second to lowest octave they play once and not again until you restart the unit. I have cleaned all the contacts with no change. All the other keys always play. I’m not sure if it is a software glitch or something like a bad gate array. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Hello Nick,

I repair Roland D-10s and others; although the gate array is possibly an issue and if it is that’s bad news.

However, I would look at the keyboard cables that connect the keyboard to main PCB this has a feeling of one of the matrix lines being faulty first. After that try different software EPROMs, they do experience ‘bit rot’ after a number of years.


Nearly forgot — and the keyboard connectors to the keyboard PCB…

Hello and Thank you for your response,

I’m sorry that I didn’t reply to you sooner, I just needed some time to try a few more things so I’d have more information to give you. I do really appreciate your response.

So just a bit more info there is a block of 8 keys E,F,Gb,G,Ab,A,Bb,B. They will only register at 127 velocity and sustain at that velocity unit the unit is restarted, (The unit plays perfectly normal through a midi keyboard.)

I tried heating up the Gate array chip (63H149) the one that the 3 cables for the keyboard connect to, I thought re flowing the chip may help, but there was no change. I tested 2 the capacitor arrays near the chip and the tested fine, as well as the resistor arrays near the chip, and all were good.

Well it may be possibly that the gate array I wanted to ask you, if there were possibly other areas on the motherboard I may have overlooked? I really don’t think it’s the keyboard itself because I’ve tested every diode with a meter, and cleaned the contacts thoroughly.

Thank you very much for your time, and I’m sorry I did not reply to your response sooner.