Roland D-50 noisy clunky keybed

I purchased D-50, not that long ago that needs a bit of repair work. The synth itself works perfectly, even aftertouch. There are just a few cosmetic issues to take care of and the keybed which feels great but is quite noisy/clucky. I am assuming this can be resolved with new keyboard felt??? Would any one be able to advise on what felt to use and if this is something that I can purchase new??

There are a few scapes on the black metal body, does anyone have any recommendations for covering these up?? I am in the Uk, so I would need to be able to ship any parts here

Any help would be most appreciated .



Hi Matt, I’m here in the UK too, I restore vintage synths including a few D50s although getting parts during the lockdown is much harder at the moment. The best thing you can do is actually have to take keyframe out and have a look at what’s causing the key noise, which will allow you to determine thickness, length of felt required. It does sound like worn felt; be aware one of the felt strips has the aftertouch sensors under it.

I’m never sure about trying to remove marks on the keyboard body it could make things worse, there’s some that recommend like a black filler but I’ve never tried this. The only thing here is if the bottom cover is bad I’ll get the thing professional re-painted.