Roland D110-JP to US conversion

I bought the D110 that Holkenberg (Junkie XL) was selling on Reverb and when it came it had a 100v to 110-130v line lump converter with it. I assume this means it’s the Japanese version. Now when I plug it in it does the boot up sequence but then it seems to bounce back and forth between the last couple of boot sequence screens sometimes. I haven’t dug into it very deeply yet, but could I swap out a transformer or a power board and have a US version that didn’t require the extra step? Also, is there a source for those? I didn’t see them in the store.

I’d be surprised if it’s the power supply that’s an issue - I run lots of 100v Japanese stuff via 110 converter ( includingD110) all the time never had problem. If you do decide to change the internal power (Having been through this with lots of older synths) there likely won’t be a straightforward replacement. It will involve a bit of research, a common complication is finding a suitable after market one that will fit in a 1u module- there’s very little space in those old Roland units! Good luck.

Thanks! I might wait until a parts-only unit pops up and switch out the power board (Assuming it’s that modular.) In the meantime, what’s the most reliable converter you’ve used?