Roland EP-5 Troubleshooting and Repair

I’m attempting to revive an old Roland EP-5 that’s been in storage for many years. When I plug in a 9V 1000ma power supply and turn on the power button, I hear a low hum, but the power led light does not come on and none of the keys or controls respond. I took the back off to examine it for any obvious damage. It actually looks in great shape – no evidence of corrosion or heat damage. Does anyone have an idea as to why the power light does not come on and no sound is produced? What should I try or replace to get it working?

Start with battery replacement, many keyboard get “lost” if their battery dies. Then look for service info to do a software reset. Holding Some odd button combination while turning on the power switch. I’ll look for more details but try synthxl website for manuals for your keyboard.

Thanks, ronf57! I had already replaced the battery, but no change. I’ve downloaded the service notes and manual. I’ll try the reset as soon as I have time to locate the correct process and give it a go. Much appreciate your advice!

Are you absolutely certain the power supply is the correct polarity? I believe you need centre-negative as used to power guitar pedals (though don’t take my word for it).

Thanks, RobDean. No, I’m not certain about the adapter I’m trying being centre-negative. I tried the two adapters I’ve been using in my Cry Baby and indeed, they did not work (even though a 9-volt battery does work in the Cry Baby). So I’m ordering a Dunlop ECB003 adapter (recommended for the Cry Baby). Thanks for the insight and tip!

There should be polarity marking on the power supply:

I think the Cry Baby would use the polarity I’m suggesting, so maybe that’s not the issue

Thanks, RobDean. The adapters I have been trying on the Roland EP-5 (that do not work on the Cry Baby) are indeed center-positive. The adapter recommended for the Cry Baby (Dunlop ECB-003) is center-negative, as you suggested. I ordered one (only $10 on Musician’s Friend). I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks so much for your help!