Roland FP5 Roland FP5 keyboard contact circuit boards

Need the low circuit board (shortest one of the 3 in the FP5). Anyone have one to sell or can point me???

What are your symptoms with your keys?

no sound when keys are pressed.

None of the keys on this board work?

What’s the condition of the old board? I repaired my DX27 by repairing a broken trace. If all of the keys on this board are dead, that would point to the connector and/or the ribbon cable

You can use a multimeter to check continuity fir each strand of the cable, but i highly doubt its the cable.might be a bad IC on the main board. Does everything seem to function? Headphones?
I have found a few Rolands where the speakers go bad (open). Check speakers with a battery to see if they crackle. If no static then replace.

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