Roland IR3R05 availability?

I certainly checked Syntaur’s stock, and they are out. I hope this isn’t bad form, but anyone have a lead on where some IR3R05 chips can be purchased?


if you didn’t know roland had most of their chips custom made, so sourcing them could be a problem… I have recently done some business with a place on evil bay out of washington state I think and these guys know their stuff. I think their user name on evilbay is actually the business name, its Keyboard Kountry… and if they have somethin you can use but you are out of the US and theres a shipping problem. I’ll be happy to jump in and handle that. I have Paypal and Zelle, which most banks now s totally free bank service and much quicker than paypal will ever be. No personal info needs exchanged either. Roland may be of help gettin you a list of what gear has those chips in it, findin somethin generic from digikey or mouser fat chance ,but they are worth callin for a possible lead…

I thought that Analogue Renaissance was in the process of making replacements? If they are, Syntaur should be stocking them when they’re ready.

Thanks for the heads up. I think AR is doing a similar chip for the JX-3P? That would be awesome if Analogue Renaissance would get into the Jx-8P game though.