Roland Jupiter 4

Hi All,

Just got my Jupiter 4 back after a lengthy loan to a friend for many years where the last 2 years it’s been apparently pretty much unused . Have managers to fix volume and various faders with contact cleaner however was unsuccessful in getting the headphone and in and out ports working on stereo . If I toggle or half pull out the leads in the outputs I can get sound in either left or right channels back and forth but not together. When fully inserted only right channel. Short of a service any ideas on how to fix?

Hi GM studio, try spraying some contact cleaner into the phones level switch and then operating the switch a few times, if not it could be one of the phones amplifiers at fault.

Hi GMstudio,

Just curious what happens when you toggle the H/M/L switch, while having your headphones plugged in? Any difference then? These switches are notorious for failing as well.
Spraying some deoxit or good quality contact cleaner could resolve such issues too. I’d give that a shot if you can (you might need to open up the J4 in order to get cleaner inside the switch).

Hi Jay tech,

When I toggle L/m/h it just changes the output as it should. I have sprayed from the outside a few times , will open up try the inside.