Roland R-8 value pot replacement

Hey there! Is the R-70 value pot (10K) listed on Syntaur site fit as a replacement for R-8 value pot?

If not, is there a possible replacement fader pot available from some other source?

No, it won’t work. The R8 Value pot is indeed a 10KB (linear), but it needs to look basically the same as the R8 Volume pot we show - it will have a plastic shaft that is 20mm long, and the solder pins are on the ends of the pot, rather than on the sides like the R70 part. The difference in the two R8 pots is that the Value is a single-channel pot, whereas the Volume is a dual-channel - so while the Volume pot has 4 pins on one end and two on the other, the Value pot you need will have two pins on one end, and one on the other.

Okay, thank you for the reply!

Is there somewhere footprint available of that pot? I was wondering if any of the Alps RS30111-series pots would work as a replacement, e.g. RS30111A9012 looks like it might do the job.

Yes, the Alps pots of that line are correct, and that pot will fit the PCB holes and work fine, in an electrical sense. The problem is that you won’t be able to reach the slider shaft, because it will be too short. And it’s a different type of shaft, so even if it were long enough, the slider knob would not fit onto it. Even so, it may well be a step up from a non-functional slider!