Roland ribbon connector

Inexperienced as I am at all things PCB, this connector doesn’t seem to have a ‘latch’ to open it freeing the ribbon, does the ribbon just pull out ? …and push (gently) back in.


Hi…I’m attempting to fix my EP 9 Roland piano that has the pershing paste issue. I’m attempting to expel a strip link so as to evacuate the console to endeavor to fix the console. See appended picture. Is this only a draw up association or is there a mystery to evacuating the link. I would prefer not to harm the link since fix parts are elusive.

If you can pull the connector out, it is very unlikely that it will harm the board.

The higher side of the white plastic part may be a locking tab, which you can push to the side while you pull the connector off the board.

From my experience, the connector in the photographs is designed to be pulled out with no problem.

I suggest pulling a little at a time, first on one end, then on the other end. You can use a small flathead screwdriver to help pull.

Good luck.

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I’m not worried about ‘harming the board’, it’s solid, I’m worried about harming the ribbon.