Roland vk7 fried

Hey there,
I’ve recently fried my Roland Vk-7. After purchasing it from Japan I bought an outboard transformer to convert it to the proper Australian voltage (not knowing that you could simply rewire the power transformer for different voltage).
In a catastrophic moment of stage confusion I plugged a regular kettle cord straight into it instead of the outboard transformer and POP 240 volts straight into the 100 volt wired transformer inside.
I should have posted then to see if it was even worth getting a new power transformer, but I went ahead and did it and with the help of a friend installed it in the proper voltage. I soon discovered that there was no circuit protection and that surge hit the guts of the Roland. Now it makes only harsh noises.
So before I do anything else stupid I thought I’d get some opinions. The costs of both the outboard transformer, and the new power transformer and on top of that a broken key, I’m finding it hard to justify spending any more money on it.
Any broad thoughts about how extensive a repair would be on a something like this?

With any luck only the power supply took the hit, check the power rails with a scope to see what it’s putting out. Worst case… you know.