Sam Mims long lost ESQ Patch


Maestro Mims,

I was searching for a patch called SNAPS from my long lost ESQ-1. I see you wrote patches for the ESQ-1 based on this article I was reading in HackerTransoniq Hacker and wonder if you know about this patch SNAPS. It of course sounds very snapy, and random. Every time you struck the key the pitch of the snap seemed to be random. It was quite fun. Do you or any other ESQ/SQ80 aficionados know if this patch might be in somebody’s library and how I might obtain it?

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Judging by the photo I’m guessing Sam played in The Revolution with Prince.
I have a patch called Snaps1 on my ESQ1. It should be pretty easy to program. Noise3 on Osc1, Noise2 on Osc2-3. detune them a little. Set up the filter to be controlled by keyboard velocity. Tweak to desired taste.

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Thank you Paul. I’m gonna try and recreate it with your generous guidance.

SNAPS1 is one of the ESQ-1 factory internal programs. So you can reinitialize your ESQ-1, and you should find it in Bank 2.

Before you reinitialize, though, (a) make sure you have any programs and sequences saved, and (b) make sure your ESQ has an OS later than version 2.1 - the earlier OS versions just wrote BRASS1 to all locations after reinitialization. To reinitialize, press RECORD and the upper left soft button on the display, then answer YES to the prompt.

We used to do this all the time when I played with Prince and the Revolution, haha! I wish.


I recreated a close proximity to the SNAPS sound as I remember it on the SQ8L (VSTi). I actually created several variations as that filter on the key velocity is so cool to my ears. Thanks again Paul.

Sam, I miss my ESQ1, as it is actually long lost. Well long ago sold/traded for an alesis SR16 drum machine, a Tascam 424, and a pair of headphones) back in the late nineties.
The ESQ1 was my first true synthesizer. I never really learned to craft sounds with any true know how. I used to take my synth to High School and play brown bag lunch concerts. A theater guy asked me if I could create him a telephone SFX for a skit he was doing that day. I skipped the rest of my classes and noodled out a digital sounding telephone ring by sheer accidental noodling. I think it took me a couple hours (missed classes), but I was so pleased. I wished I had kept at it.
The SQ8L as it is so easy to program all those old sounds, I wish I had more time to noodle and create. I really appreciate that Transoniq Hacker magazine is online and reading those articles by true synth wizards that tell how to eek out the sounds with tips and tricks that still work even on the VSTi.